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A Day-long Performance Measurement Workshop

ORONO | June 14, 2018 | 9:00AM-3:30PM* | Wells Conference Center

Join the Data Innovation Project for a day to clarify and define the core components of a performance measurement plan. A grounding talk, skill-a-thon, and hands-on workshop will guide you through the purpose and processes of developing a performance measurement approach for your organization. $75 per person.

*Please note, registration begins at 8:30am. Afternoon lunch provided.


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PAST WORKSHOPS: Our 2017 workshop series on assessing your organization’s readiness, data storytelling, and data dashboards encourage you to dive deeper into what it really means to be data-informed. These skills-based workshops focus on technical solutions to build a strong data foundation. While we are no longer hosting this series publicly, please email Becky ( for more information on a private or custom session for your organization.

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Set The Foundation to be a Data-Informed Organization

If you are serious about being a data-informed organization, you need to have a clearly articulated theory of change.  We will go over the “why’s” and “what-for’s” and help you get started creating or refining your own. Call for pricing.

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Tell Compelling Stories With Your Data

Everyone has data, but it can be challenging to figure out how to use it in creative ways to show and tell stories of your success. This workshop will explore the basics of data storytelling and give you practice tips for data visualization. Call for pricing.

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Make Data Work for You: Data Dashboards

Data dashboards can be a powerful tool to keep your organization data-informed and you don’t need fancy software to make one! In this workshop we will walk through the process of designing simple dashboards that can help organizations visualize program data, indicators, and other metrics. Call for pricing.