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The Data Innovation Project partners with organizations to increase their capacity to utilize data to clearly define their work, achieve results, and demonstrate impact in Maine. We believe in helping and empowering Maine organizations to use data to affect change and tell compelling stories.



Community Research Assistantship (CRA) Program


Now Accepting Applications for the 2019-19 Academic Year!

Our CRA Program matches DIP-trained graduate research assistants from the University of Southern Maine with community organizations to support their applied research and evaluation efforts.













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Maine Center for Workforce Research and Information Site Image

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The Maine Center for Workforce Research and Information is a great resource that has a lot of easily accessible and current data on labor in the state. This site also makes data fun with interactive data through Tableau, where you can look at and manipulate graphs, tables, and maps.


Stay tuned to this page for new resources.


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As people who love numbers, we’d been grappling with how to best evaluate and then express our program with them. Talking with folks from DIP provided so much clarification! Since then, we’ve simplified our evaluation process, tied it to statewide and other extensive evaluations and even adapted programming. Just one conversation changed our perspective significantly. We’re very grateful for this opportunity.        


– Kelli McCannell, HGHW President