A little advice can go a long way.

Click here to complete a short form to tell us what you hope to discuss in a Data Clinic. At the moment, we are accepting applications for sessions in June. Please contact Becky at with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Do you have a data question that needs some DIP expertise? Data clinics are free, one-time support sessions we offer to Maine-based mission-driven organizations. Data clinics include up to 90 minutes of focused and individualized technical assistance on a specific data or evaluation related issue that your organization is grappling with.

If you are interested in a Data Clinic for your organization, fill out this short form to help us understand what you are hoping to gain from the session. Successful topics include questions that are concrete, detailed, and specific. We look forward to hearing from you!

Here are some examples of successful data clinic topics we can help with​: 

Understand the evaluation requirements of a funder
Review and revise a theory of change or logic model
Provide feedback a survey, interview, or focus group protocol
Provide feedback on data visualization or infographics
Review performance metrics or help set targets

A few more details:

  • Data Clinics are hosted by one or two DIP team members and typically include up to 90 minutes of meeting time. As needed, staff take time outside of the meeting to prepare for and follow up on Clinic sessions.
  • At this time, all Data Clinics are being held virtually.
  • Applicants are accepted on a first come, first served basis. If all sessions are full when you reach out and you need more immediate assistance, we can work with you to facilitate a low-cost session.