Free, reputable, and relevant data sources.

The Data Scan seeks to fulfill a part of the DIP’s vision that Maine organizations are empowered to use data to inform their work. Below you will find a searchable database of resources for data in Maine.

How to use the Data Scan

Data included come from a reputable source, are relevant to the work of organizations in Maine, are accessible, and free. You can search by overarching category (Communities & People, Health, Education, and Economy) or use the keywords below to search. Different filtering options allow you to search by level of data, which will show you the smallest level of data available from that source (e.g., county level), year, or format (e.g., pdf or Excel). You have the option of downloading or printing what you find in the scan (found at the top right of your search).

The Data Scan is a work in progress and does not encompass every data source that may be freely and publicly available online. It was last checked for broken links in January 2023. We welcome feedback, amendments, and additions to this work in order to enhance connections to meaningful data. Please contact Emilie Swenson at if you have additional suggestions or questions.

Data Scan Keywords (to use in the search bar)

This is a master list of all keywords used in the scan. Some keywords cross boundaries and are found in multiple categories. You can find the search bar at the top right of the table.

  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Agriculture
  • Children
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Emerging Adults (~18-26)
  • Employment and Labor
  • Environment
  • Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Food Security
  • General Education
  • General Health
  • Geographic (GIS)
  • Health Behaviors
  • Health Equity
  • Homelessness
  • Housing
  • Income and Wages
  • Industry
  • Infectious Diseases
  • K-12
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Mental Health
  • New Mainers
  • Older Adults (65+)
  • Population
  • Post secondary
  • Poverty
  • PreK
  • Social Determinants
  • State Economic Data
  • Transportation
  • Tribal
  • Violence and Injuries
wdt_ID ID Category Main Site/Name of Source Keyword Data Source Why it is Helpful Lowest Level of Data Level of Data Website Format Most Recent Year Downloadable Formats COVID data?
327 2 Communities and People U.S. Census Population, Education, Housing, Income and Wages, Poverty, Industry U.S. Census, American Community Survey, Annual Economic Surveys, Annual Surveys of Governments, Census of Governments, Economic Census, EEO Tabulation, Population Estimate Program Demographic and economic data by state, county, City/Municipality, town, or zip code. Training on how to access the data is available: Census tract All Online Statistics 2022 Excel, CSV No
328 3 Communities and People Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) Population, Violence and Injuries U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics Data and product finder allows user to search by keyword, topics (publication series), or data collection (surveys). State State Dataset, Report 2022 pdf, Excel, CSV No
329 4 Communities and People Census Business Builder Population, Geographic (GIS), Income and Wages, Industry American Community Survey U.S. Census Bureau Website, has two editions; Small Business Edition and Regional Analyst Edition. Can find specific community, population, and economic data. Census tract All Map, Graph/Chart, Data Table, Interactive Data Dashboard 2022 No No
330 5 Communities and People Census Data Profiles Population, Education, Housing, Income and Wages, Poverty, Industry 2015-2019 American Community Survey 5-year estimates. "Most frequently requested social, economic, housing, and demographic data" by state, county, City/Municipality, town, or zip code -- links to FactFinder City/Municipality National, State, County, City/Municipality/Municipality Data Table, Dataset 2021 pdf, Excel, CSV No
331 6 Communities and People Census Flows Mapper Population, Geographic, Children, Adults, General American Community Survey This tool can be utilized to map county-to-county migration flows country wide. County County Map, Graph/Chart, Data Table, Interactive Data 2020 Excel No
332 7 Communities and People DATAUSA Population, Income and Wages, Poverty, Industry, Post Secondary, General Health, Social Determinants American Community Survey, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Labor Statistics, University of Wisconsin County Health Rankings, Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, and O*NET skills. The DATAUSA website houses a comprehensive collection of interactive data visualizations using U.S. public data. Caveats about interpreting data are clearly stated on the "data" tab. Places can be easily compared to one another. Census tract All Interactive Data Dashboard, Graph/Chart, Map 2020 pdf, image, Excel Yes
333 8 Communities and People Disability Statistics General Health American Community Survey, Current Population Survey, others Has a variety of information regarding disabilities in America and different states, including disability reports for each state and some territories. County Country, State Report, Interactive Data Dashboard, Online Statistics 2019 pdf, HTML No
334 9 Communities and People IPUMS Demographics Census Public Use Microdata IPUMS provides census and survey data integrated across time and space. This is a technical resource and users must create an account to use and extract data. Census tract All Graph/Chart 2022 Excel No
335 10 Communities and People Kids Count Data Center Population, Children, Emerging Adults National KIDS Count, Maine Children's Alliance Maine indicators by basic demographics, age group, race and ethnicity/Municipality, family nativity, employment and income, public assistance, housing, poverty, education, and more. Custom maps and graphs can be created from the website. Census tract All Data Table, Dataset, Graph/Chart, Map 2022 Excel, image Yes
336 11 Communities and People Maine Juvenile Justice Geographic (GIS), Emerging Adults, Social Determinants, Population, Violence and Injuries FBI Arrest Statistics, Maine Juvenile Justice Advisory Group, Muskie School of Public Service Maine Statistical Analysis Center, U.S. Census, others Juvenile Justice information for all states, including a page for Maine.  Compilation of information including different types of arrests, jurisdictional boundaries, juvenile defense and racial/ethnic fairness, and more. State State Online Statistics, Graph/Chart, Reports 2022 PDF No
Category Lowest Level of Data Level of Data Most Recent Year