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We are constantly sifting through hundreds of tools, templates, websites, and resources around logic models, data collection, visualization, research and evaluation. Sometimes, we find tools we really like and other times we create our own. The resources below are some of our favorites.


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Logic Models and Evaluation

Logic Model Workbook

A four page workbook that helps you think through your own program logic.


Find the workbook here.

Program Evaluation - Essential Steps

A short fact sheet explaining the most important considerations for evaluation.


Find the fact sheet here.

Data-Informed Self-Assessment

This short assessment is intended to help you identify the extent to which your organizational culture supports being data-informed.


Find the assessment here.

Data Visualization

Infographics Tip Sheet

Tips for creating infographics and online resources.


Find the tip sheet here.


Data Visualization Checklist

Here is a great checklist to help you make better charts from Stephanie Evergreen and Ann Emery.


Find the checklist here.


Using Excel: Quick Reference Guide

A 2-page reference guide for MS Excel that covers the basic fundamentals, how-tos, commands and shortcuts.


Find the quick reference guide here.


Basics of Tableau

Lots of people are talking about Tableau — learn more about what Tableau is and how you might use it.


Here’s a link to information about Tableau Public (free version). 


Data Collection Tools

Likert-Type Scale Response Anchors

Save yourself some time! A great compilation of 5 and 7 point scales from Wade Vagais at Clemson University.



Find the list here.


Comparing Online Survey Tools

A quick comparison of 10 common online survey tools from PC Magazine.



Find the comparison here.


Interviews and Focus Groups Tip Sheet

A short guide comparing focus groups and interviews, including a “checklist.”



Find the tip sheet here.


How to Conduct a Focus Group

A helpful 13-page guide from Eliot & Associates that walks you through the entire process, including tips for conducting a focus group and sample consent forms.



Find the guide here.


Sample Interview and Focus Group Protocols (Editable)

Three example interview and focus group protocols that you can tailor to meet your need.



Find the protocols here.


Focus Group Notes Template (Editable)

A template for taking notes at a focus group to ensure you get the detail you need.



Find the notes template here.


Data Sources

Data Scan

The Data Scan is a repository of accessible, free, reputable, and relevant data sources from around the State of Maine.  It is in an Excel spreadsheet and can be e-mailed to you at no cost by filling out the form below.  Please take a look at our How to Use Guide to find out more.


Find out how to use the Data Scan here


Data Source Feature: American FactFinder

Learn more about how to use the American FactFinder to find data on your community.

Find the American FactFinder Feature here.

Quick Tips for Advanced Search in FactFinder

Learn more about some quick tips on how to get the best results from the huge amount of data within the American FactFinder.


Find American FactFinder Advanced Search Tips here.

Data Source Feature: County Health Rankings

Learn more about the health of the US, Maine, and each county.


Find the County Health Ranking feature here.

Data Dive: Early Education in Maine

Learn more about where to find data and reports on Early Education in Maine.


Find Early Education data here.

Data Dive: Seniors and Aging in Maine

Learn more about where to find data and reports on Seniors and Aging in Maine.


Find data on Seniors and Aging in Maine here.